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Customs Canine (K9)

The Indian Customs K9 establishment is a uniformed support service under Directorate of Logistics, CBIC. In the department, the K9 establishment refers to the overall set up relating to Customs detection dog Squads (K9 Squads) including the Customs K9 Centres (CCCs). K9 Squad refers to all K9 units of a Commissionerate, and a K9 Unit consists of a Detector Dog and its Handler.

K9 establishment augments the Department's capabilities in detection and prevention of smuggling thereby ensuring national security in the specific areas of deployment including at the borders.

DOL is the apex organisation dealing with matters relating to the Indian Customs K9 establishment. As per Indian Customs K9 Manual DoL is responsible for the following: -

  1. Policy formulation, procurements, establishment of Customs K9 Centres (CCC):
  2. Formulation of recruitment rules.
  3. Devising strategy for detecting contrabands using K9.
  4. Development of various protocols and training modules for handling dogs.
  5. Monitoring the performance of CCCs and K9 Squads
  6. Inter-ministerial and international collaborations on K9 matters including World Customs Organization (WCO)

Accordingly, DOL has been undertaking/undertake the following tasks:

  1. DOL conducts the inspection of K9 squads in field formations on quarterly basis to ensure maintenance of uniform standards and to sensitize and train the field staff about the working of K9 Squad.
  2. Monitoring of field Customs K9 Squads

    DOL does the monitoring of the performance of Customs K9 squads deployed in field by examining the monthly reports submitted the field formations as mandated by K9 manual. DOL has been issuing necessary guidelines to field formations regarding training, deployment, retirement of K9s on regular basis.

  3. Establishment of Customs K9 training Centres

    DOL is responsible for establishment of Customs K9 Centres. Earlier, Customs Detector dogs were getting trained at National Training Centre for Dogs (NTCD), BSF, Tekanpur, Gwalior in absence of an in-house training centre. Consequent upon the approval of the board, in 2019, Directorate of Logistics initiated the process of establishing the first Customs K9 centre in India utilising the funds under 1% Incremental Revenue Scheme operated by this Directorate. Thus the first K9 training centre in Attari, Amritsar which was formally inaugurated on 15.02.2020.

    At present, training is being imparted in detection of methamphetamine, Heroin, Cocaine, MDMA and Marijuana. The training in tobacco products, wild life articles and currency detections is also envisaged in the future batches. The 1st batch of 11 K9 units & 2nd batch of 05 K9 units were passed out from centre on 18.09.2020 and 11.12.2021 respectively.

  4. Selection of candidates for K9 Training

    For the selection of the candidates for training as handlers, DOL issues circulars inviting nominations of eligible candidates from the field formations and Directorates. The nominations thus received are scrutinized and the shortlisted candidates are sent to the training centre for professional training along with the dogs. After selection, Pups and handlers undergo initial training of 08 months including 03 months of Basic obedience training & 05 months of specialized training at the K9 training centre. The training includes outdoor training and indoor training. The outdoor training is practical training for detector dogs and handlers. The indoor training is lecture based, to impart the knowledge to the handler about kennel management, cleanliness, administration, duties, maintenance of equipment, K9 general care/health care and veterinary first aid, handling of emergency situations, documentations etc. As per the directions from DOL, CCC schedules and conducts the Annual Refresher Training. All the K9 squads under deployment undergo refresher training of 10 days at centre and pass the required test. At present, the 2nd annual refresher training is being imparted at centre. DoL also provides training to the newly recruits Customs officers (lower management) about functioning of K9 squad including training, deployment, and detections. Customs K9 has been included in the module of IRS officers training by NACIN (middle management). Further, approximately 1000 inspectors and superintendents have been given training by DOL in working of Customs K9 through various RTIs&ZTIs.

  5. Establishment of K9 cadre:

    In the year of 2018, DOL had submitted a proposal to the Board to strengthen the Customs K9 establishment with recruiting 242 dogs, 242 dog handlers, 80 Sub-Inspectors & 86 Kennel Assistants in a phased manner. The proposed 242 K9 included detailed description with respect to deployment of these dogs and their specialization including Narcotics Detector Dogs, Currency Detector Dogs, Tobacco Detector Dogs, and Wildlife Detector Dogs. In pursuance of the directions of Board, DOL submitted a proposal to DGHRD for creation of 242 Assistant Sub Inspector (K9), 80 Sub Inspector (K9) posts along with the draft RRs for ASI (Dog handler). As per the latest Cadre Restructuring plan submitted by CBIC to DoPT, 242 posts of ASI (K9) in Level-4 and 80 posts of SI (K9) in Level-5 have been proposed to be created.

  6. K9 Deployment
    S.No. Location
    1 New Delhi
    2 Amritsar
    3 Mumbai
    4 Kolkata
    5 Ahmadabad
    6 Cochin
    7 Trivandrum
    8 Pune
    9 Mumbai (Export)
    10 Trichy
    11 Chennai
  7. Achievements:
    S.No. Narcotics Detected Quantity (in Kgs.) Year of Detection Place of Detection
    1 Khat 18.40 2020 Ahmedabad
    2 Heroin 4.00 2021 New Delhi
    3 Heroin 14.00 2021 New Delhi
    4 Off-white Powder (Heroin) 0.90 2021 New Delhi
    5 Heroin 3.00 2021 New Delhi
    6 Off-white Powder (Heroin) 3.00 2021 New Delhi
    7 Heroin 19.48 2021 New Delhi
    8 Brown Powder (Heroin) 4.05 2021 New Delhi
    9 Off-white Powder (Heroin) 18.00 2021 New Delhi
    10 Heroin 4.05 2021 Cochin
    11 Cocaine 0.50 2021 Mumbai
    12 Ganja 2.12 2021 Kolkata
    13 Heroin 3.584 2021 Mumbai
    14 Heroin 12.90 2021 New Delhi
    15 Methaqualone 1.87 2021 New Delhi
    16 Heroin 2.00 2021 New Delhi
    17 Heroin 10.35 2021 New Delhi
  8. Way forward:

    Keeping this in view of the recommendation of the committee constituted by the board in 2018, DOL is in the process of establish the 2nd Customs K9training centre in South India. DoL will be considering the possibility of establishing an in-house K9 breeding centre.